University of Exeter maps

Suite of maps for the University of Exeter [project report]

University of Reading internal signage

Internal signage report for the University of Reading [project report]

University of Reading signage

University of Reading signage and wayfinding [project report]

RBH directories

Royal Berkshire Hospital site directories, maps and wayfinding report [project report]

Maps and signage

Complex buildings and sites require devices, ranging from landmarks to signage, that will help people to get to their desired destination with confidence, ease and in time.

Poor design for wayfinding results in lost and flustered people who don't know where they are and can't find where they want to go. Wayfinding solutions involve user-focused assessments and inclusive design which incorporates design for less mobile and visually impaired people.

Aside from work for the University of Exeter and the Royal Berkshire Hospital, we provide ongoing consultancy and design for signage and wayfinding projects at the University of Reading -- some of these are part of the University's compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act.