IAA project

Inclusive Accessible Archaeology print and online resources [project report]

Ibrahim Index of African Governance summary report

Ibrahim Index of African Governance summary report [project report]

CCE Tools for success

'Tools for success' toolkit for Cass Centre for Charity Effectiveness [project report]

NCLL book

National Centre for Language and Literacy booklets [project report]

PRAESA booklet

Project for the Study of Alternative Education in South Africa (PRAESA) booklet [project report]

Heritage Link Diversity Programme

Heritage Link Diversity Programme publications [project report]


Lean Enterprise Research Centre guide and brochures [project report]

Typography/graphic design

The layout of a document should reflect its purpose and be helpful to the people who have to use it.

A poster should attract attention, and promote or inform quickly and clearly. A form should be pleasing to the eye in order to appear more welcoming and less daunting, and the design should reflect the structure of the information and lead people through it with minimum frustration.

Text Matters solves communication problems by using typography and graphic design not only to make a document look good, but to emphasise and reflect a clear and easy-to-understand structure.