SFIA chart

SFIA: IT skills research and documentation [project report]

Energy efficiency posters

University of Reading energy efficiency posters and postcards [project report]

RBH Annual report

Royal Berkshire and Battle Hospitals NHS Trust Annual reports [project report]

Research and copywriting

Text Matters can take an idea and follow through with research and copywriting to meet communication needs.

We write and design at the same time, and the resulting product is focused on an understanding of what will work for particular users.

This approach also has management advantages as drafts (and revisions) normally appear faster and, by combining copywriting and design, costs are less than if the two jobs were done separately and then synchronised.

Most of our research and copywriting skills are part our design process, and end with a finished product. However, these skills are an important part of our consultancy work where we advise clients on improving existing documents and production systems.