Our solution

An object database holds a model of the framework and is linked to web-based content management, online authoring and print-formatting tools. This allows online development, review and almost-instant republishing of the framework and its supporting documents when new versions of the framework are agreed:

SFIA has been adopted by a wide variety of organisations for a wide variety of purposes. Pdfs of the documents we created are available at www.sfia.org.uk.

Latest developments

Our work on SFIA is ongoing.

In 2010 we updated and produced a new document suite for Version 4G, which focuses on sustainability in IT. This involved adding new skills, making modifications to other skills, and designing new items for the suite.

In early 2011 we set up SFIA’s online consultation website, facilitating review and discussion between stakeholders for the development of Version 5. We plan to produce documentation for Version 5 in autumn 2011.

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