Helping to develop and propagate a framework for IT skills, and producing supporting documentation

Tasks included

What was needed

A group of IS industry leaders, government departments, professional bodies, educators and trainers were attempting to create a common set of 'umbrella' definitions of what IS professionals do.

We, and our colleagues at Courtney Consulting, were asked to help the group make progress with editorial and systems support. We eventually produced printed documents as well as a website explaining the new framework of definitions – Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA).

Our approach

We used a combination of web-based collaborative tools, and good information design to help simplify and focus on essentials of the framework.

We quickly created a private website and populated it with a simplified version of material which had already been created. We then built a browser-based editorial system to allow group members to comment and edit text and used simple automated email to ensure that everyone knew what was going on.

Web-oriented technologies allowed us to build and deploy collaborative applications rapidly and cheaply, and structured information allowed us to quickly publish in multiple media.

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