Designing wayfinding materials

Tasks included

What was needed

Royal Berkshire Hospital is a complex site which includes several connected buildings, with many floor levels that are not necessarily the same across the hospital site. As a result, it was difficult for patients and visitors to find their way around. The hospital decided site-wide 'directories' were needed. The directories also had to make use of the hospital's existing colour-coding system to tie-in with existing signage.

Our approach

We compiled a list of all wards, departments and facilities with their corresponding locations. We produced a range of designs which focused on legibility and overall prominence. These were discussed with our client, visitors and staff for informal feedback.

We recommended that pre-visit information sent to patients, such as maps, should show the level number as well as the building or 'block' name for wards and departments. This strategy was carried through in the site directories, which would list all wards, departments and facilities, and be placed near main entrances to the site.

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