Producing clear, well-organised, visually interesting documents, highly accessible to both staff and the general public

Tasks included

What was needed

The main documents the hospital produces are: an annual report and accounts, a yearly summary business plan and a strategy review every four years. These all state publicly what the hospital has done or achieved and what it aims to do in the future. They reflect the hospital's policy of honesty and openness, are informative, avoid technical medical jargon, and are interesting to read and look at. The documents are aimed at a very wide range of readers: from patients in the waiting rooms, through staff and doctors in the community to funders and government officials.

Our solution

At the writing stage we work with our client and hospital managers to discuss themes for the document. We provide copywriting or editorial support as needed and present large amounts of information in meaningful groups, using simple factual sentences with bulleted lists to summarise key points. We use tables, graphs and comparison charts to make statistics clear. Often we talk to nurses, doctors and other staff members to get the 'human interest angle' on stories.

We have created design styles that reflect the image of the hospital: clean, efficient, organised, open and honest. The style evolves to ensure consistency and yet is flexible enough to produce something new each year.

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