Designing a consistent visual identity for a wide range of publications and a website

Tasks included

What was needed

The NCLL is a resource centre for teachers. It offers a wide range of materials, facilities and courses in all aspects of the teaching of language, reading, speaking and listening.

NCLL publishes and distributes numerous books, booklets, flyers, leaflets and information packs every year. It had no overall scheme or approach to its publications; each one looked different from the next and most were fairly amateur.

The Centre needed economic but appealing and consistent solutions for a wide range of printed material. It needed striking covers for its publications, clearly organised texts, detailed typographic and user-friendly solutions. The design approach then had to be applied to the website.

Our solution

As part of the Centre's 'new look', a new logo was designed by graphic design students Chris Goodwin and Phil Reid.

In terms of our general design approach, we established a flexible but coherent style for NCLL. Publications and related material are designed with colourful and bright, primary covers. We use energetic and interesting pictures of children and teachers, or simple, striking images that relate to the Centre. The inside text pages of publications are clearly structured and well organised. We often use drawings/diagrams to explain the text.

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