Providing a new bespoke advice tool

Tasks included

What was needed

Advisors in Jobcentre Plus offices working with lone parents have a new bespoke advice tool to help them -- an online handbook of information covering topics such as education, child support maintenance, training, childcare, personal finance, tax credits and benefits.

The handbook was created by One Parent Families with Scottish information provided by One Parent Families Scotland. Text Matters designed and engineered the handbook for the web.

Our approach

The online handbook expands on information found in the existing One Parent Families Lone Parent Handbook. We used XSLT to convert chapter-by-chapter XML from publishing software into XHTML pages that are broken up topic by topic.

We also provided an open-source search engine, Plucene, to accompany the list of contents and the index, so that advisors have several rapid ways to reach the information they seek.

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