A suite of documents, a website and an online toolkit for a major academic project.

Tasks included

What was needed

The Inclusive, Accessible, Archaeology (IAA) project addressed the dual issues of disability and transferable skills in the teaching of archaeological fieldwork. Its aim was to increase awareness of disability issues in Archaeology and improve the integration of disability in fieldwork teaching.

The emphasis was on the development of a self-evaluation tool kit for physical and psychological abilities in fieldwork. This tool will increase students' awareness of their acquisition of transferable skills and promote careers management skills.

The project involved archaeologists working closely with specialists in Inclusive Environments to characterise the skills needed in archaeological fieldwork. In addition to engaging with teachers of undergraduate archaeology nationally, the project actively involved the Council for British Archaeology (CBA), the Institute of Field Archaeologists (IFA), English Heritage and Oxford Archaeology.

The project aimed to effect a change of emphasis from ‘disability' to ability: rather than excluding or categorising individuals, students will be engaged actively in assessing their own skills. Text Matters was asked to design and produce print and web-based materials to publish the findings of the IAA project and promote its main output: a self-assessment toolkit (ASSET).

We created

Most of these materials were aimed at teaching staff, although the toolkit is primarily for students. ASSET is an online tool kit designed for users with little or no previous experience of archaeological fieldwork.

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