Design, development and management of a web-based project aiming to encourage best practice in golf clubs around the world.

Tasks included

What was needed

The R&A is the world authority for the rules of golf and the conduct of the game. It has taken on the job of promoting environmental and social responsibility through an ambitious programme of research and promotion of golf-course best management practice. The R&A asked us to help develop a web-based programme to spread best-practice knowledge and engage clubs around the world in improvement programmes.

Our approach

We developed a website containing best-practice guidelines which can be viewed by anyone anywhere, free. There is a secure construction which allows golf clubs to put the guidelines into practice through a series of checklists which can be monitored by their golf federations and by The R&A itself. Clubs can allocate responsibility for the main sections – environment, greenkeeping, administration, planning and development – to nominated employees or members. We copy-edited materials developed by R&A and experts in management, environmental management and agronomy.

We developed a structure which allowed the material to contain electronic form elements, and to be published in many languages and in many formats (including on screen and on paper), then designed and built a website to host it all.

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