Designing and writing an easily-accessible source of information about water minimisation in the food and drink industry

Tasks included

What was needed

ETSU, as part of their Envirowise programme, wanted a good practice guide on water minimisation in the food and drink industry. At the time, all the useful information was scattered over a large number of other Envirowise good practice guides, and there was a need to have all the information in one, easily accessible source.

ETSU also needed a website which contained the same information as the folder but which also provided extra, more detailed information.

Our approach

We worked on this project with RivCom, an organisation who are experienced in the use of XML database and publishing systems. We believed that the project would be delivered more smoothly and faster if the structural issues (what sort of content goes where) were dealt with early in the project. This allowed us to use structured writing tools which are database-like, and to deliver versions rapidly for print and for web.

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