Innovative process for developing skill/competency definitions with a distributed team of authors, editors and stakeholders

Tasks included

What was needed

e-Skills UK is the 'Sector Skills Council' charged with developing and administering the standards used by schools, colleges, training providers and employers for post-16 occupational qualifications in IT, telecoms and contact centres. In late 2002, e-Skills asked us to develop a website which would allow a geographically distributed team of authors to create, revise and gather comments on a new set of National Occupational Standards to a tight timescale.

Our approach

In a series of workshops with e-Skills staff and contributing authors, we developed a document structure (using XML schema as a design tool) which would allow the reuse of skill components across many documents. We also agreed a working method which would allow authors to share material with minimum confusion and overlap, and a way of accepting comments from third-party reviewers on the website.

We then built a website to meet those needs, in a team where designers, programmers and user-interface specialists worked seamlessly together, and modified it as users started to work with the site.

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