Designing and editing survey forms, setting a professional style that was also easy to understand

Tasks included

What was needed

The Centre for Agricultural Strategy needed to gather information about the role of small- and medium-sized towns in rural economies across Europe, as part of a Europe-wide rural development project. The aim was to get an idea of how dependent people are on their local facilities in the UK, France, Netherlands, Poland and Portugal. The survey consisted of three questionnaires.

Our approach

The questionnaire forms needed to be easy-to-understand, clearly laid out and easy to fill in, in order to encourage maximum response rates. Many of the questions were complex and we had to approach the layout, design and wording of the questions with this in mind, achieving apparent simplicity yet still gathering all the information needed.

We set a usable and professional style, and carried out editing and sanity-checking constantly for logical progression through the forms, ensuring simplicity, plain language and no ambiguity. We had to consider the possible literacy levels of all the European audiences.

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