Development and management of a website for a small but global membership organisation

Tasks included

What was needed

Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI) is the premier worldwide organisation dedicated to type and typography. Founded in 1957, ATypI provides the structure for communication, information and action amongst the international type community. ATypI is a small organisation with truly global membership and needed an electronic presence to help build a sense of community among members who seldom meet, as well as promoting its annual conference.

Our approach

We designed and built a website which contained a limited public area, and a larger private area with facilities and features intended to help members work together and share information. We wanted to add facilities which deliver some commercial help to members, who are largely individual designers and small type foundries, helping them to promote themselves to the world.

We also wanted to create an active electronic discussion group and decided to use email discussion lists (rather than web forums).

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