Large detail 'heads-up' maps of the campus for use by visually-impaired and wheelchair-bound visitors

Tasks included

What was needed

The University of Reading has a programme for improving access to buildings on their campuses in accordance with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (which came into full effect in October 2004). As part of this programme, the University needed a set of detail maps showing access to buildings on key parts of their campuses.

These maps were to be placed near disabled parking bays where they could be comfortably used by wheelchair users. The maps also had to be usable by people with poor eyesight. Aside from these two requirements, the maps produced had to conform with the University's new signage system and its palette of colours.

Our approach

We produced a set of designs with several colour combinations for the maps, and varying sizes for text and symbols. The aim of the design was to maximise contrast and therefore legibility whilst presenting a pleasing whole. The maps and symbols used also had to be straightforward and not too complex.

Based on informal feedback from users, we chose one design which we continued to develop.

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