A4 and A5 pdfs and MS Publisher templates for menus for a range of catering venues at the University of Reading

Tasks included

What was needed

The University of Reading’s Residential & Commercial Services (RCS) department needed a new range of A4 and A5 menus that were easy-to-read as well as visually-appealing. The new menus (used by the Campus Hospitality service at the University) had to comply with the University’s branding policy and visual identity and had to be updatable by RCS staff.

Our approach

After discussions with our client to confirm the correct tone and required impact of the menus, we produced a sample design for review. We refined this after further discussions and created a Microsoft Publisher file with all required styles etc to allow for easy updating of the menus.

Our solution

We worked within a very short timeframe and designed two A4 menus, three A5 menus and a wine list; each reflected its intended venue and their type of consumer.

They were all supplied as pdfs for circulation and as easy-to-edit MS Publisher files.

The menus were ‘launched’ three weeks after the start of the project and were referred to as an excellent example of the University’s branding policy in action.

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