Posters and postcards for Campus Services at the University of Reading

Tasks included

What was needed

Campus Services at the University of Reading has an environment-awareness initiative ‘Clean & Green’ which encourages environmentally-friendly behaviour amongst students and staff on campus. Campus Services needed postcards and posters to promote energy efficiency on campus; we were asked to research and design these items as well as posters for their car-sharing scheme.

Our approach

We used data from the Carbon Trust and the Energy Saving Trust to create short catchy phrases suitable for posters. We then discussed these with our client before researching possible images and creating several design options.

Our solution

We created a simple layout style and used a combination of strong headlines, white space and a single large image to increase the impact of the message.

We produced five posters and an A6 label for the energy awareness campaign, and two posters and a postcard for the car-sharing scheme. All items complied with the University’s brand guidelines for copy and design.

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