Developing an active, collaborative site to promote improved Quality Management

Tasks included

What was needed

A recent QAA subject review of business and management schools in the UK found that Quality Management Enhancement (QME) was the worst performed of seven aspects measured. In response, six exemplar schools joined forces to set up the QuBE project ('Quality in Business Education') to tackle the problem.

QuBE is a HEFCE-funded consortium reinforced by an advisory council of national bodies including the British Quality Foundation.

Its aims are to improve the quality of management teaching and learning, by consulting with stakeholders to

Our approach

After initial consultation with QuBE partners, Text Matters worked with Nigel Courtney and Clive Holtham to refine the 'deliverables' of the project and how best to present the research findings and recommendations.

Our experience with Prism, and other collaborative writing/publishing projects proved useful in devising the interactive website as well as for copy-editing and designing articles and questionnaires to enhance their effectiveness.

We developed a central online collaborative resource to store articles and other findings from the dispersed research teams. The inspirational resources include tools and diagnostics to help institutions progress beyond a 'satisfactory' level towards an 'extraordinary' level of performance.

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