Our approach (continued)

We reviewed the copy and carried out light editing to improve clarity where needed and to correct inconsistencies. We also proofread the text, diagrams and tables thoroughly due to the complexity of the information and large amounts of numerical data presented.

Our solution

We created a report style that has a clear structure and which conveys complex data in an engaging and understandable way. The design and structure can also form the basis for future editions of the Index summary.

Our client said we've done ‘... a fantastic job presenting a visually engaging report that conveyed all of our values and presented our data in an accessible format. We are delighted... and have received much positive feedback about the report.’

Ongoing work

A revised edition of the 2009 report (originally published in November) was printed in March 2010. We have also designed two editions in French and in English of the 2010 report.

The Foundation have asked us to work with them again on the French and English 2011 edition.

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