Design and layout of French and English editions of summary report, including eye-catching but clear graphical and tabular representations of data.

Tasks included

What was needed

The Ibrahim Index of African Governance is a comprehensive ranking of African countries according to governance quality. It aims to be Africa’s leading assessment of governance, that informs and empowers citizens to hold their governments and public institutions to account. It is published annually.

For the first time, in 2009, the Foundation decided to publish a summary report of the Index, giving an overview of the methodology and results, and highlighting areas of interest. They wanted a colourful, engaging report which also had a formal tone suitable for its content. The design and graphic elements had to be clear and easy for the reader to understand, as they would be presenting complex sets of data.

Our approach

After detailed discussions with the client about what they wanted to achieve, we reviewed the draft content and data sets to see how we could structure and present both key and background information.

We then produced draft designs for approval before settling on an approach. This was to be the first publication of its type, so our designs had to meet but extend the Foundation's brand, which was at the same time being developed for its website.

We created a series of styles for maps, tables and other graphics for key statistics. These were all colour-coded according to the four different 'categories' within the Index – we created a palette of colours that would would work well when used in a range of tints for graphic elements and were also sympathetic to the Foundation brand.

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