One Parent Families

One Parent Families handbook, website and CD-ROM [project report]


ETSU Water minimisation website and folder [project report]


SFIA website, CD and printed documents [project report]

COI schemes of work

COI schemes of work units for print and web [project report]

Parallel publishing

Text Matters has been working with electronic publishing and structured text systems for many years. Sometimes, the right communication solution is facilitated by the right IT solution for production and distribution.

We are interested in multiple-media documents -- documents created for one purpose and then more or less automatically changed for another method of delivery and possibly a different audience.

We provide publishing solutions by using a combination of technology, such as SGML, XML and various databases, and design skills. For example, we designed a website, CD and printed documents for the Bristol Royal Infirmary Inquiry, and have produced web-based and printed documents for ETSU, Monotype, and other clients.