Useful websites


Type is the thing we read when we write with machines. Typography is the blend of art, craft, technology, science and -- if you're lucky -- magic that makes reading and using books & screens easy or pleasurable. Good typography -- particularly of complex texts -- is one of our core skills and interests.

Organisations and places to learn more about typography include:

This is an assembly of typographers and type designers. We look after the ATypI website and have designed their online dictionary of terms. Since 1997, we've created a live website and newsletter at the annual ATypI conference, and partner Mark Barratt is now a member of their Board. For more information about this year's conference visit their website.

The Department has developed a unique approach to typography and graphic design through a combination of practice, theory and history: generally, it's the first place we look for design graduates who can think outside the page. Text Matters partner Sue Walker is head of the School of Arts and Communication Design at Reading, which includes the Department. For more information about their programme or recent areas of research by staff and students in the Department visit their website.

In a wicked world, Simon Daniels is a small beacon of light. He maintains the Microsoft Typography website which is an excellent jumping-off point to this odd world.