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Parallel publishing

This is the creation of multiple-media documents – documents created for one purpose and then semi-automatically changed for another delivery channel and possibly different audience. At Text Matters we use a range of technology, including SGML, XML and various databases.

The notes reproduced here as a pdf are from an all-day workshop on parallel publishing. They explain what parallel publishing is and why it is so useful, and include examples of ways in which parallel publishing can be used to save time and money, reduce errors and create documents based on subsets of master data. These notes cover how parallel publishing systems work: separating content and design, using markup language and designing for web and print. The notes conclude with a helpful rundown of products used in parallel publishing and their pros and cons. [download pdf of article (188kb)]


We are really interested in SGML and XML. Why? They enable us to deliver documents for multiple-media (often print and web) easily and from the same source. We're active members of XMLUK and the BCS Electronic Publishing SIG. We've made our tutorial on structured documents available as a pdf. A really good introduction to XML can be found at the Webmonkey site. XMLhack is a good resource of what's hot in the XML world.