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Information design resources

Information design resources

The following are sources where you can find out more about information design.

Magazines and journals

There are no compelling magazines about information design: Information Design Journal was the best of the bunch and is often accused of elitism and over-academic purity by those in the ID trenches.

IDJ, concerned with 'user-centred communication design', appears roughly twice a year. The most (only?) rigorous journal in our field, it is now published by John Benjamins publishing company.

The human-factors journal of the (US) Association for Computing Machinery. Visit their website to subscribe and view current as well as back issues.

Societies and associations

The International Institute for Information Design has astonishing ambitions. It has run some interesting conferences over the last few years. Visit the IIID website for more information.

Formed in 1991, the Society seeks to promote excellence in signing and wayfinding. SDS members and guests meet regularly for informal discussions, usually led by guest speakers. Visit their website for more information.

Though burdened with an unlovely name, the Society for Technical Communication's Information Design Special Interest Group is young, vigorous, and growing fast. The main web entry is at http://www.stcsig.org/id/

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