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Type size

For the partially sighted 9-12 pt type (or an average x-height of 2.5mm) is suggested as a minimum by RNIB.

These recommendations depend on the typeface and weight used. For the general reader type sizes between 8 and 10pt are frequently used.

Remember that different types with the same 'point size' have different apparent sizes. The effective size of a typeface is actually related to the height of the lowercase x (see image left).

Type weight

The tendency has been to set text in bold because of its contrast on a white page. However, more recent findings suggest that a medium weight or semi-bold may be more legible. The RNIB's 'See it right' was set in New Baskerville semi-bold.

We suggest avoiding weights of fonts that appear very light. Also, aside from the weight of the stroke, the counters of letters are important -- they should be open to help legibility.

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