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Sample of projects

People in a hurry need fast, positive and unambiguous answers. They phone us asking: what’s a legible typeface for a technical manual? What point-size should we use in our material for visually-impaired readers? My boss says ‘get’ is vulgar and wants to say ‘acquire’; will our customers understand ‘acquire’? Should our bill-reminders be red?

These are all things we have something to say about. However, none of them are questions to which we – or anyone – is qualified to give a fast, out-of-context, answer.

They all depend on the context – firstly the

At this ‘macro’ level, audiences are never homogenous. For instance, types of visual impairment vary so much that no general advice on typography for this group will be universally applicable. Situations of use vary too, and are usually impossible or very difficult to predict.

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