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How we work

Since 1990 Text Matters has been designing forms and form systems that work. In that time we have developed a methodology which makes forms part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Involvement is the key to good forms work and understanding what is needed. We involve 'stakeholders', such as form owners, the people who understand the legislation, data entry and call centre staff, and of course your target audience.

We focus on business process. We attempt to understand the processes which link end-users, forms processors, data entry, back-end systems and workflow. This is the context within which forms can be standardised, simplified (or, often, eliminated) and clarified.

Having analysed the requirements, we use best-of-breed skills to structure, write and design individual forms that are clear and effective for all their users throughout their lifecycle. Where practical, we test draft forms on a sample audience to gauge whether we have got it right. And we can recommend in-process monitoring methods which will help you manage form performance.

We will also deliver the systems, standards and training that can enable you to create and manage future forms effectively within your own resources.

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