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Designing business documents was not created by the Text Matters team. We've made it available because it is out of print and is, we think, an extremely useful guide for designers who don't have formal training in, particularly, typography.

Where this guide comes from

Designing business documents was published by Monotype Typography in 1992. It was adapted by Chris Burke from a previous series of booklets by Alison Black, Paul Stiff and Robert Waller covering 'design for non-designers' and packaged with a range of Monotype fonts. Overall editor was Andrew Boag, who ran special projects and educational liaison for the company.

The guide rapidly went out of print but steadily gained a reputation as an excellent concise source of good advice. Text Matters' Mark Barratt approached the authors, editors, and Monotype, and received permission to make the text freely available on the internet. [download pdf of article (796kb)]