Alison Black

Alison is an ergonomist and design project manager. Alison joined the Text Matters team as a consultant on projects involving managing user experiences through screen-based and ‘solid’ interfaces.

Jez Higgins

Jez is a programmer and analyst who has contributed to a number of Text Matters projects. He specialises in XML-related technologies and the Python language. He is also a highly-experienced C++ developer.

Ben Weiner

Ben is a designer specialising in website architecture and font creation. He graduated with a first-class honours degree in Typography & Graphic Communication in 2000. At Text Matters he works on design for print, web and structured-text systems. Ben is also an expert on accessible design.

Chris Withers

Chris leads development of projects using the Zope web application framework. He is an experienced Python, C and C++ developer and a member of a number of open-source application development projects, including Zope itself.

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